Plain Tanks

This is our range of simple Stainless Steel Storage Tanks, suitable for all liquid types. All of our Plain Tanks are supplied with a tight fitting lid, a strong three legged stand to hold the tank securely, and two 1” ball valve type taps.

Made from 304 grade stainless steel, this is our most popular type of liquid storage tank, and it has a huge variety of potential uses. Available in sizes from 100L up to 1000L, with an attractive engine turn (swirled) pattern finish on the external walls. As a conical tank, the shape allows for all of the contents to easily be drained out once the bottom tap has been opened, ensuring that nothing is left behind (whether it be valuable product or cleaning liquids).

Two taps are included with every stainless tank, the lower of which is connected to the conical bottom, and another which is fitted at the lower end of the side wall, and is ideally suited as a sample valve. A three-legged stand is included with every tank. Also included is a lid, which fits tightly enough to prevent airborne particles from getting inside the tank, but isn’t able to hold gas pressure.

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