About Us

Here at Latimer Stainless, we supply a variety of stainless steel vessels & tanks for a variety of industries, from breweries and distilleries, to soft drink manufacturers and non food companies, and more.

Around 2008, we began dabbling in home brew kits – the kind of thing that would make 20L of real ale in a plastic bucket. As that seemed to go quite well, we began to wonder if it was at all possible to make the type of beers that we were used to enjoying on holidays to Europe – Belgian tripels, German bock lagers and the kind. Brewing in buckets with all-in-one kits, in which just water was added, was soon upgraded to stainless steel and barley grain.

Within a year or two we began to dream about what it might be like to actually have a brewery. When a career change came along, we decided to use all of our savings to do just that. The difficulty was that with the budget we had, a ready-made brewery kit was beyond us, so we set about planning how to design and build our own. By 2012 we were ready to launch, and became incorporated as Latimer Ales ltd.

To our disappointment, our rather rural market wasn’t as keen as we were on the more unusual types of beers that we had become quite skilled at making, and our lack of passion for real ale meant that we weren’t great at making what the local market really wanted to drink. One of the things that we had developed out of necessity, was a temperature controlled beer fermenter, and this was also of interest to other local brewers. After finding it quite easy to sell our custom made fermenters to other brewers, we began to develop a range of ready to use brewery vessels. Within a few months of supplying brewers with brewery vessels, our own brewery became a distraction and we moved away from brewing altogether, and moved the business into full time brewery building instead.

Soon after the microbrewery boom, a new movement in craft distilleries started to emerge, and we quickly found that many of the vessels that we had become expert at producing were also ideal for those people starting their own distillery operations. In fact, our vessels and expertise were transferrable to many more industries than we had realised. We were soon supplying soft drinks manufacturers, alloy wheel refurbishing businesses, farmers, dairies, a company growing mushrooms! – the list is endless. All of our experience as a family business working with stainless steel tanks has now passed the 10 year milestone, and we’re looking forwards to the next 10 already.

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