Mash Tuns

Made from 304 grade stainless steel and available in sizes from 300L up to 1000L, this is our mash tun tank, which was designed and developed by us over the course of two years when we were planning our own brewery during 2012-2013.

The insulation of a mash tun is vitally important (we use no additional heat in ours, in order to save energy costs) and so we use our signature covering of 50mm thick, highly thermally efficient foam on ours. The result is a Tun that will drop by only 1C-2C during a 90 minute mash period.

The manway door is 300mm in diameter to allow for easy access to the waste product to be cleaned away after use, installed next to the door is an analogue temperature gauge. For draining, a 1” outlet tap is fitted at the base of the conical bottom of the tank.

To prevent the grains from blocking the outlet pipe, a stainless false bottom is fitted at the bottom of the tun with 3mm holes, which during our tests, gave the very best results in terms of efficiency and water flow. A copper sparge arm is built into the lid, so that the sparge cycle can be carried out without the need to remove the insulated lid, and therefore preventing any loss of heat by doing so. During our time as commercial brewers, we were able to achieve a mash efficiency of 94% using this same mash tun – we’re always happy to hear of customers who’re able to beat that!

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