Plain Tank 500L

£750.00 ex VAT

Our P0500, 500L stainless steel storage tank, is the most popular size in our range. Many breweries and distilleries find that this size is perfect for their output demands, it is not so large as to be cumbersome, but it is also large enough to provide functional capacity.

The 500l capacity of the P0500 makes it one of the larger vessels in our range and is therefore suited to bulk fluid storage, if you are interested in a vessel suitable for smaller batch manufacture or product testing then you should take a look at our smaller plain tanks which start from as little as 100l.

As with all of the Latimer Plain Tank products, the P0500 is constructed using 304 grade stainless steel, with an engine turned pattern to the exterior, giving an attractive swirled finish. The tank is not pressurised but it does come with a lid to help prevent airborne particles contaminating the contents.

The tank comes complete with a robust three legged stand for stability and it has a conical bottom with an integrated drainage tap to aid product extraction.

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Capacity (L)


Diameter (mm)


Height (mm)


Insulation 50mm


Temperature gauge


Sparge Arm



Stainless Steel

Dry weight (kg)


Control panel


Power: 240v or 3 phase


Power installed (kW)


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