Hot Liquor Tanks

Like our other vessels, these HLT’s are made from 304 grade stainless steel and are available in sizes up to 1000L. We’ve designed our HLT’s so that they can all can be operated from a 240 volt power supply, avoiding the expensive of using three phase power. A digital control panel with a large display of the internal temperature allows the user to select their target temperature (up to 99C), and once the tank has been filled with water, it’ll reach the target temperature and hold the contents within a 1C variance until it’s needed.

Our signature insulation, which is 50mm thick (and has a Lambda value of 0.022 W/mK) is fitted to all sides, in order to make the vessel incredibly energy efficient. Therefore, a minimal amount of power is required to hold the tank at the temperature of your choosing. We would suggest powering up your HLT the night before a brew day, and allowing the water to slowly reach its target temperature – which also avoids extra load in the brewhouse during the day. A single, 1” tap is fitted to the outlet pipe.

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