Plain Tank 300L

£575.00 ex VAT

Many of our customers have used our P0300 300L stainless steel tank to begin their production process, in fact our own ‘Latimer Ales’ micro brewery was started at this capacity many years ago. Our 300l tank is, however, incredibly flexible, and could be used to great effect by small scale distilleries and other low volume fluid producing businesses alike, who need a little more capacity but still value a compact tank.

All of our 300l tanks are tough and reliable being constructed of 304 grade stainless steel throughout. The exterior of each tank is engine turned and has a sample tap for easy fluid extraction. Our P0300 has a three legged stand as standard to keep the tank nice and stable.

Cleaning and drainage are made simple with all 300l tanks coming with a conical bottom and benefiting from a drainage tap situated at the very bottom of the tank. Airborne contamination is kept to a minimum using the lid provided. Please note, this is not a pressurised tank.

Our P0300 can be used for brewing but it can also be used to hold all kinds of other fluids, for application ideas please visit our ‘Industries’ section.

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Capacity (L)


Diameter (mm)


Height (mm)


Insulation 50mm


Temperature gauge


Sparge Arm



Stainless Steel

Dry weight (kg)


Control panel


Power: 240v or 3 phase


Power installed (kW)


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