Kombucha Products

Our Kombucha production vessels were developed several years ago after close collaboration with a well known Kombucha producer, and has proved to be very successful in their operations. The hot water system is the first stage of the process, which is then followed by our unique fermentation system which allows the brewer to actually raise the temperature of their ferment to ensure that optimum conditions for the Scooby are created every time.

Kombucha Production Equipment

We’ve been working with Kombucha brewers since 2015, and in that time have helped many new businesses achieve their ambitions of taking a home-produced product, and scaling up their capacity to become a commercial operation.

There are many similarities between Kombucha production equipment and beer production equipment, but the main difference is the fermentation temperature range. The type of culture used in Kombucha – known as a Scoby – doesn’t emit heat when it consumes sugar (it’s endothermic in nature), so our fermentation system adds heat to the process. The optimal temperature for Kombucha production is 30C, which is almost always higher than the ambient temperature in the brew house. Our automatic system keeps the Kombucha fermenting vessel at a constant 30C with the gentle addition of hot water to one of our stainless steel heating panels, which is a completely closed, and self-contained system. When we designed our Kombucha production equipment we felt that it was important to build in a level of automation, so our system only requires the brewer to program their desired fermentation temperature, and the system will maintain that level for as long as required.

As all of the Kombucha production equipment we supply is built to order, it’s possible for our customers to specify changes from the stock design at the ordering stage. Please get in touch to discuss your own personal requirements.

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