In the Dairy environment, sanitation is of the highest importance. That’s why all of our Dairy tanks are made from 304 grade stainless steel, which is not only attractive, but is also easy to clean and has a very good resistance to bacteria.

The Dairy tanks we supply fall into two main types: storage tanks, and production tanks.

Our storage tanks can be supplied in sizes from 100L up to 1000L, and each comes with a stand, a tight-fitting lid & two outlet taps. The other type of Dairy tanks that we supply can perform an action in Dairy production, such as heating or cooling the tank contents. For these types of vessel, our signature insulation is added to allow the user to be able to control the internal temperature of their dairy tank without being influenced by the environmental conditions inside the dairy.

We are also able to add a food grade paddle mixer to enable a user to produce products such as yoghurt, or other milk-based drinks. Please get in touch for further information regarding our dairy tanks.

Our stainless tanks are all produced using food safe 304 grade steel, and so they’re perfectly suitable for the industries that require high levels of sanitation, such as the dairy industry. Whether it’s a simple storage tank, or a heated tank to work with your pasteurisation system, or even a mixer tank for the production of Yoghurt, we can assist with what your dairy needs.

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