Boiler Tanks

Made from 304 grade stainless steel and available in sizes from 300L up to 1000L, this is our boiler tank, which was designed and developed by us over the course of two years when we were planning our own brewery during 2012-2013. The insulation of a boiler tank is vitally important (due to the large amount of energy that is needed to boil large volumes) and so we use our signature covering of 50mm thick, highly thermally efficient foam on ours. It’s easy to tell how effective the insulation is because even when the boiler has reached boiling point, it’s impossible to detect the temperature if you were to touch the outside.

Boilers up to 500L are powered with 240v, and those larger than that do require three phase power. The front of the boiler has a 300mm manway door fitted, so that any solid waste can easily be cleaned away after their use. A stainless false bottom is fitted at the base of the boiler to capture any large particles which might cause the outlet to become blocked. The lid of the boiler is fitted with a chimney hose tail, onto which a 5” flue liner pipe can be attached in order to exhaust the steam which is produced during the boiling period.

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