Although our background at Latimer stainless is from breweries and distilleries, we can also supply soft drink manufacturing equipment. Many of our recent customers have found ways to use the equipment that we offer for other purposes in their soft drink manufacturing processes.

For example, we can supply a mixer tank that has a food grade stainless steel paddle if a gentle stirring of a product was required. If that same tank needed to be heated to a specific temperature, or cooled down to one, then our soft drink manufacturing equipment can be used to assist in the process.

In addition to process vessels that aid in the production of your product, we also stock a large range of stainless steel storage tanks, in sizes from 100L up to the enormous 1000L. All of our tanks are made from food safe 304 grade stainless steel.

Our food safe stainless steel tanks are a perfect choice for either the preparation of, or the storage of a wide range of fruit juices, tonics & mixers, squashes or any other drink you might want help with to take to market. Your production process might need a heated tank, or a tank that can stir its’ contents, or maybe even hold it at a low temperature – we can help with the design of the perfect vessel for your business needs.

Please get in touch to discuss your manufacturing process needs, and we’ll do our best to find a vessel that can help you to either get started, or to scale up to larger product outputs.

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