At Latimer stainless we’ve been supplying distilleries and producers of spirits since 2015. Our batch spirit production equipment has helped both new start-ups on a small scale, and larger businesses who are looking to increase their output.

We can supply most of your batch spirit production equipment, all except the still itself. From hot liquor tanks to supply the hot water you need – in sizes from 200L up to 1000L. Also mash tuns and temperature controllable fermenters, which range from 300L up to 1000L.

Not only that, but we can also supply storage/blending tanks to aid with your batch spirit production equipment needs. These vessels are uninsulated because they’re not used to control the temperature of their contents, but can be supplied with a ‘floating type’ variable capacity lid. This lid can be set at any height inside the tank, and the seal it creates with the tank walls will help to limit any evaporative losses that might occur inside a regular storage tank.

In addition to these ready-made vessels, we also have the ability to make certain modifications to our batch spirit production equipment to suit specific needs that you might have. Please get in touch to enquire about a custom vessel that you have in mind.

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