Variable Capacity Tanks

This is an upgraded version of the basic Plain Storage Tanks that we offer. All of these Variable Capacity Storage Tanks are supplied with a basic type of lid, a strong three legged stand to hold the tank securely, and two 1” ball valve type taps. The additional lid is a variable capacity type lid that allows the user to position the lid at any height inside the tank that they wish.
This is a 304 Stainless Steel Tank, available in sizes from 200L up to 1000L, with an attractive engine turn (swirled) pattern finish on the external walls. The conical tank shape allows for all of the contents to be drained out once the bottom tap has been opened, ensuring that nothing is left behind (either valuable product, or cleaning liquids.) Two taps are included with every storage tank, the lower of which is connected to the conical bottom, and another which is fitted at the lower end of the side wall, and is ideally suited as a sample valve. A three-legged stand is included with every tank. A standard lid is also included, plus a variable capacity ‘floating type’ lid is included with this tank option.
The variable capacity lid has a smaller diameter than the standard lid, and so can fit inside the stainless tank. An inflatable tube which fits around the circumference of the lid allows the user to select any height that they would like the lid to be positioned at.

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