Fermentation Vessels

Made from 304 grade stainless steel and available in sizes from 300L up to 1000L, this is our temperature controlled fermentation tank, and was the very first vessel that we developed for our own brewing use in 2012. At that time, we were making lots of beers that were being spoiled by the high temperatures of spring & summer, and so we wanted to create a system that would not only be capable of stopping temperatures from climbing too high, but could also be automatic in their ability to do so.

This system has a wall mounted, digital control panel with a large display that shows the current temperature of the fermenter. This control panel allows the user to decide their maximum temperature level for their fermentation, and once the level inside exceeds this by more than 1C, the cooling cycle kicks in. The fermenter contains a stainless cooling plate that sits vertically inside the tank and so has an immediate and very efficient effect on the temperature of the contents. The cooling is achieved by passing cold water from a bar type chiller (not supplied) through the cooling plate until a lowering of the fermentation temperature is sufficient to drop the temperature back to the pre-set maximum level of the control panel. The cooling cycle then stops.

In addition to this tank being a great way to control fermentation vigour, it’s also very useful after fermentation has ceased, when it can be used to ‘crash cool’ the contents down to a low level (as low as 1C if necessary) so that the yeast falls out of suspension and results in a clearer beer than otherwise would have been possible.

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