Variable Capacity Tank 400L

£725.00 ex VAT

The V0400 variable capacity tank has a maximum storage volume of 400L, but when used in conjunction with the variable capacity lid it can hold less and still provide a robust, protective environment, perfect for both large and small scale producers,

The V0400 is incredibly well built, with it’s 304 grade stainless steel construction and eye catching swirled (engine turn) finish to the exterior. A three legged stand is included as standard.

The drainage tap is located at the conical base of the tank, the conical shape allows for simple drainage and makes the tank extremely easy to clean.The tank also comes a sample valve tap on the outer side wall, and

A variable capacity “floating” lid can must be ordered as an optional extra in order to make the tank variable. The floating lid is smaller in diameter than a standard lid and can therefore fit within the tank and comes with an inflatable tube around its perimeter, using the supplied hand pump, operatives can accurately adjust the lids position inside the tank.

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Capacity (L)


Diameter (mm)


Height (mm)


Insulation 50mm


Temperature gauge


Sparge Arm



Stainless Steel

Dry weight (kg)


Control panel


Power: 240v or 3 phase


Power installed (kW)


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