Kombucha Fermentation Vessel 500L

£1,750.00 ex VAT

Discover the 500L Kombucha Fermentation Tank, a specialised version of our temperature controlled fermentation tank, manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel. This fermenter tank was initially created for use in a Kombucha brewery, where rather than cooling the main purpose was for heating.

Regular beer yeast reacts with sugar to create alcohol, and as a result, heat is given off which can may spoil a beer if the level reaches above about 30°C. However, a Kombucha yeast, also known as a Scoobie, doesn’t give out heat in the same way and needs a temperature of 30°C to ferment correctly. This means that if the environment is cooler it may be difficult for the fermentation process to finalise.

The system we developed here at Latimer Ales passes warm water through the stainless immersion panel in the fermenter, which gradually increases the fermenting temperature. Delivering a small amount of heat is important, as it ensures that the yeast cells aren’t killed – if we used a heat source similar to what is used in out boilers and hot liquor tanks, it’s likely that this would occur.

The Kombucha system is fully automatic and self-contained, meaning that no external input will be necessary. As well as this system being perfect for Kombucha or Kefir brewers, it has also been used effectively in other industries where a smaller heat delivery is essential.

Capacity (L)


Diameter (mm)


Height (mm)


Insulation 50mm


Temperature gauge


Sparge Arm



Stainless Steel

Dry weight (kg)


Control panel


Power: 240v or 3 phase


Power installed (kW)


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